Online Classes

Discover the world through language from the comfort of your home!  Join us for Sponge Online Classes in Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. Designed for elementary age kids, our weekly 30-min instructor-led online classes offer an interactive and immersive environment for language learning.

We’re offering Beginner Level classes for the following age groups:

  • K-2nd Grade
  • 3rd-5th Grade

Let us know of your preferred language, day and times for online classes below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right level to join the Online Class?

The online class is geared for kids with zero to limited exposure to the target language. We’re currently offering classes at Level 1 and we will be offering Level 2 classes soon. You can let us know about your interest in a Level 2 class here. For more advanced learners, we recommend tutoring so we can customize the curriculum based on your language needs and goals.

What is the curriculum used for the Online Class?

The online classes are run using the same engaging and research-driven curriculum in our Center and Elementary School Programs, but adapted for an online class format.

How are online classes taught?

Consistent with the immersion approach in our offline classes, our online classes are taught by native speakers who are trained to use a variety of tools like gestures, pictures (flashcards), songs and a lot of repetition to convey the meanings to the students. We teach using fun games, activities, songs, and projects to make it easier for children to retain learning. We focus on speaking and comprehension in our classes.

How can we support our child’s learning offline?

Students registered to our online classes will be given access to the Sponge Online Portal. The portal is an interactive platform intended to supplement class material by providing pointers to additional resources as well as facilitating practice of material covered in classroom outside of class e.g. pronunciation.

System Requirements for your Online Class

  • We’ll be using an online video conferencing system for the class. In order to make sure you are able to join the class successfully, some setup is required before hand.
  • Please review the system requirements to make sure your system is compatible. We recommend a PC/Mac or other device placed on a table / desk for best experience. A device held in the hand during the class will not work due to the class’s interactive nature.
  • After you’ve confirmed compatibility, you can learn how to join a meeting, or simply join a test meeting to confirm all is working as expected.
  • Registered students will receive an invitation for the meeting. Please use the details in the email to join the meeting 2-3 minutes prior to the start of class. Kindly contact us at nos. (206) 227-7138 or email us at in case you have registered and have not received the link to your class the day before it starts.