French Classes for Kids

Sponge offers after-school French classes for kids at schools in the greater Seattle area. We also offer online classes and private tutoring.

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Check out some resources below for your young French learner!

Verbes français pour les enfants –Partie 1-Animé d’apprentissage de la langue: Animated French Verbs for Kids by Reputas LLC
1 to 10 Years
ABC pour les Enfants: Apprenez le Français Gratuit Libre by IDEON INTERACTIVE APPS
1 to 7 Years

Bidule the Monster

French Books for Kids 

Rent quality French books for ages 0 to 12 at Les Petits Livres.

French Cartoons for Kids - Toupie et Binou

Contes pour enfants en français

Tchoupi et ses amis

Games and activities to learn animals, shapes, colors, numbers, fruits, vegetables, body parts (2-5 years)

Tchoupi (1-3 years)

Tchoupi (1- 3 years)

Leo et Popi (2-4 years)

Leo et Popi (2-4 years)

Oui Oui (1-4 years)

French Lessons for All Learners

Comptines et chansons pour enfants