Elementary School: K-5th Grades

“Learning a language is not just learning grammar and vocabulary…It is learning how to function in another culture, how to know a new community from the inside out.” (MLA, 2003)

Our Sponge elementary program has 3 goals:

  1. Build communication skills,
  2. Develop language-learning strategies, and
  3. Broaden students’ understanding of the world

We make it fun with games, drama, crafts and songs.  And, we stay in the target language to optimize our learning.

Sponge elementary curriculum is currently being used under license by Mercer Island School District to teach Spanish to over 2000 students weekly across all their elementary school World Languages Program. More details here. And here’s a short video about the MISD Spanish World Languages Program.

This year, we are happy to announce several new components to our curriculum:

  • Online Portal  – Students will have access to our new, interactive online portal to practice language skills at home!
  • Unit Stories – Each Sponge unit brings together the language learned into context through a fun story. Check out the Sponge Young Language Learner Series available for purchase at Sponge Store.
  • Final Projects  – Introducing final projects for each unit! Each project uses a fun cultural theme to incorporate and reinforce language learned in the unit
  • Activity Book  – Each student will have an Activity Book to help practice language  in class as well as at home.
  • Parent Coordinator  – Interested in volunteering to help with the class? Sponge now offers a special Parent Coordinator rate (one/class).
  • Scholarships – Sponge is pleased to offer one, 50% off needs-based scholarship for each class that meets the minimum enrollment. Please contact Sponge or your school PTA to learn more

We  offer classes both at our own centers and also at many elementary schools in the greater Seattle area.  You can see the schedules and sign up for both by clicking on the button below.

(If you want to start before or after-school language classes at your child’s school, we can help. It’s a simple process that often starts with one interested parent who contacts us.)