Mandarin Classes for Kids

Sponge offers after-school Mandarin classes for kids at schools in the greater Seattle area. We also offer online classes and private tutoring.

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Check out some resources below for your young Mandarin learner!

ChineseSkill App – A game-based and structured curriculum optimized for English-speaking beginners

Kids Learn Mandarin Chinese App – includes 8 fun games, 1 song video, and a collectable sticker activity – free. Eleven additional chinese lessons can be purchased separately or as a full pack.

Audio Books

Yuan Lai Shi Ni A

Xiao Yang Shou Shang Le

Wang Wang Gou Qu Chao Shi (Woof Dog goes to Supermarket)

Cai Dao Wo Bei Shang Lai (Step onto my Back)

Xiao Xiao Hai Neng Yong

Xiao Huan Xiong Zhao Wan Ju (Little Raccoon looks for his toys)

Xiao Zhu Gai Fang Zi (Little Piggy Builds a House)

Xiao Mao Mi Chi Yu (Little Kitten wants to eat fish)

Wo Bu Hui Mi Lu (I won't get lost)

Wo Hui Chuan Yi Fu (I can put on my own clothes)

Li Ba Qiang Kua Le (The Fence Fell Apart)

Lai Chuang De Xiao He Ma (Little Hippo Doesn't Want to Get Up)

Qin Lao Cai You Shou Huo

Wan Pi De Xiao Hou (Naughty Monkey)

Ge Zi Jiu Ai Hui Pao De

Ge Zi Ye Hui Nao Qing Xu (The Pigeon is Feeling Blue)

Monkey King

Disney Songs in Mandarin

For kids 0-4 years old

Little White Boat

Snail and Oriole Bird

Health Song

Jasmine Flower | Mo Li Hua

Three Little Pigs

For Elementary Age Kids

Mandarin Lesson 1

Mandarin Lesson 2

Mandarin Lesson 3

Mandarin Lesson 4

Traditional Chinese Game (你拍一我拍一)