Spanish Classes for Kids

Sponge offers Spanish classes for kids 0-10 years old in our Mt. Baker, Kirkland and Lynnwood locations

Check out the schedules of our classes here and let us know which ones might work for you! We’d love to have you join us for a free trial class.

Check out some resources below for your young Spanish learner!

Infinito Espanol – Basic Spanish Word Learning App for Kids

Short Movies in Spanish for Kids

Walt Disney Movies in Spanish

Compilation of Spanish Movies for Kids

Pocoyó en español

Spanish Songs and Nursery Rhymes by Mama Lisa

Music-Based Spanish Learning by RockALingua

Spanish Games by PBS

Spanish Playground – a place you can find practical advice and useful material for teaching Spanish to children

BBC Spanish – free online lessons and guides on Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Cursos para aprender español 

Beginner Spanish Lessons for Children

Spanish Songs for Kids

Body Parts in Spanish

Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors & More for Kids

Animal Names in Spanish

La Ratita Presumida