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Our staff are a diverse group who come from all over the world including Chile, Peru, China, Colombia, France, Japan, India, Germany, Puerto Rico and Taiwan. Many have degrees in language and education and years of experience in teaching. Many are parents themselves and experience personally the joys — and challenges — of raising bilingual children. They all have a passion for sharing language and culture with children and their families.

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  • Gonzalo

    Gonzalo was born and raised in Logroño, a small town in the north of Spain. In his twenties, he lived in Italy for a year and in Barcelona for 5 years. Gonzalo speaks Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan. He graduated from law school in 2006 and recently finished his Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign language. Gonzalo has been teaching Spanish to students of various ages since last year. He loves cooking while playing Spanish music in the background. Gonzalo loves watching soccer, reading newspapers and hanging out with his family. He is also a father to a 14-month old child.

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