Bushels of Fall Fun

Come join us for fun language classes this fall!

Classes run from September 4, 2019 to January 26, 2020. We have a full schedule with weekday and weekend options in our Seattle, Kirkland, and Issaquah locations!

Looking for extensive immersion for your young language learner that combines free play, art, science, and basic literacy in the target language? Sign up now for our Sponge LanguagePlayTMProgram!

Sponge LanguagePlay program is a half-day immersion preschool program for 3 to 5 year old children who are ready for independent learning. Provide your young global citizen an opportunity to get a head start on two of the most spoken languages in the world by learning Spanish, Mandarin, or both! Program is offered at our Issaquah Center. Session runs from September 9, 2019 to June 11, 2020. Use coupon code Playful2019 to get $150 off your LanguagePlay classes.

Below are some enhancements to our Curriculum that will be sure to supplement language and cultural learning inside and outside the classroom:

  • Language Coursebook – provides a brief overview of the Sponge class elements and method, guidelines, and hand-outs for the whole course.
  • Storybooks – The phrases and vocabulary your child is learning in class are now weaved into stories you can read with them and enjoy. The storybook contains romanized text for languages like Mandarin and Japanese, with colorful illustrations and dedicated coloring pages for your young language learner. It also features Quick Response (QR) Code you can scan using your phone or another device to listen to the story in language – a great feature for pronunciation review for you and your little one! Our Summer Storybooks are already available for purchase here: https://spongeschool.com/shop/
  • Sponge Online Portal – Free access to our new, interactive Online Portal to help parents and students with language learning, including pronunciation;
  • Two weeks of Cultural Classes at the end of the session in place of the Grand Review;
  • Each unit features a Final Project for JK classes as cultural extension;

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