Fun Camp Themes!

Join us this summer for camp. We have lots of fun themes planned! Registration is open now for all the early birds, and you can find the schedule and more information here.

For Spanish camp, we’ll be exploring the Latin American roots of a very delicious treat in Chocolate Tales: From Tree to Table!  Or, join in for a trek to cultures at the top of the world with Living on the Edge: Exploring the Andes! 

We’ll be heading to China this summer in Mandarin camp to explore lots of yummy street food and interesting shops in Exploring the Chinese Night Market! We’ll also follow a famous Chinese story up the river in the Adventures of Little Carp & the Dragon Gate! 

There’s lots of fun planned in Japanese camp. We’ll be catching fireflies, making bento, and wearing our yukata as we head to the carnivals to play games and enjoy the show with Fireworks & Festivals: Celebrating Summer in Japan!