LanguagePlay With Us!

Give your young world citizen a head start in school by developing their sense of curiosity and independence with 14 hours a week of language immersion!

Sponge LanguagePlay program offers 4 days a week, three and a half hour long classes for 3 to 5 year old children who are ready for independent learning. The week is divided between Spanish and Mandarin classes, providing children an opportunity to get a headstart on two of the most spoken languages in the world.

At Sponge LanguagePlay, children, teachers, and staff come together to share their perspectives and gain a sense of global awareness. We believe in creating a warm, nurturing environment where children feel secure and can gain confidence in their own abilities as well as absorb and learn a new language in a natural setting.

Registration is now open for LanguagePlay classes. Program is offered at our Issaquah Center. Session runs from September 9, 2019 to June 11, 2020. Use coupon code Playful2019 to get $150 off your LanguagePlay classes.