Let’s Make Soup!

“This week your child was introduced to a new unit called “Feast.” Here is an activity that you can do at home to incorporate the Key Language learned during class. The great part is that the activity involves a sweet book called “Gratitude Soup,” a magical story that will warm you and your children. As the main character of this book cooks her soup, she reflects on what she is thankful for, and she realizes that a feeling of gratitude is exponential. In other words, once you start thinking about all those things in life for which you are grateful, you think of more and more and more.

So read the book with your child and then together create your own “gratitude soup.” Then role play using “Are you hungry? I am hungry! Let’s cook dinner! Let’s make soup.” Ask your child to name a few things in his life that make him grateful. What goes in your soup? My son began with “Trains, dinosaurs…”, but then as he began listing things, he moved onto the people in his life. This is a heart warming activity to expand on Sponge classroom learning and have fun at home.”