Mercer Island update

We are looking forward to seeing students again at all 3 of the amazing elementary schools in the Mercer Island School District.  We are happy to support the district in achieving the 2020 Vision of preparing students to thrive in a global world.

One of the great things about classes at MISD is that students can take classes at any of the 3 schools.  The awesome bus drivers and transportation team make it safe and empowering for the kids!

For a view of the full schedule and more details, see the following: MISD 2014-2015.

You can go directly to our online registration service here.

We are always happy to answer questions and to hear your feedback.  Please email us at

We are also looking forward to talking with you in person at our Orientation evening.  It will be held September 16th from 7-8 pm at the Mercer Island Community Center.  We’ll be going over the goals of the program and what your students can expect.  Fun demos included!